What Are Some Popular Before Shower Workouts For Weight Loss?

before shower workout

For most of women, weight and healthy body are very important and need to be under their control always. However, for a busy woman who spends most of her time on work and family, finding free time in a day to exercise to lose weight can often be difficult. As a result, even one small … Read more

Running After Leg Day: Should You Do It?

Running After Leg Day

Exercise is an important part of maintaining or improving your body composition. With combined cardio and strength exercises, you’ll be able to burn fat while building muscle. And that’s precisely what you need just in time for the bikini season AND to achieve your fitness goals.  Many bodybuilders and athletes choose to go running as … Read more

How To Avoid Lower Back Pain After Squat?

lower back pain after squats

People can choose different types of fitness exercise for different reasons. Some can exercise for muscles improvement, for strength and endurance, for a healthy body, and/or for competitions.  Although all types of exercise have adorable benefits, wrongly exercise without guidances can cause serious pains or side effects for your health.  How to avoid these effects … Read more

Main Muscles Of The Body – Everything You Need To Know

main muscles of the body

Our bodies are mysterious and perfect engines. There are many fun facts about them that many people haven’t ever known about. For example, each human’s head has totally 125,000 hairs; a person laughs 15 times per day on average or tongue is the strongest brawn of a body. How about other muscles? Do you comprehend … Read more

Getting Stronger But NOT Bigger? How To Gain Muscle Mass

getting stronger but not bigger

If you’re planning on living the fit and healthy life, then there’s one thing you must work on: Your strength! Through proper exercises, you’ll start becoming stronger, gaining the muscle you need to burn more calories.  But did you know that the exercises you do affect how you gain muscle? Some people complain about getting … Read more